Have Spotify and Apple Music Just Won The Streaming Wars?

The question is how well the rest of the market is performing beyond the 2 market leaders?

The streaming music market as a whole is experiencing unprecedented growth, with the major labels collectively reporting a 52% increase in streaming revenue in Q2 2016 compared to the same period 12 months ago. Given that total streaming revenues (including YouTube etc. but not Pandora) grew by 44% in 2015 (according to the IFPI) the picture that is emerging is one of, at worst, sustained growth, at best, accelerating growth.

Although the major label numbers have to be interpreted with caution due to factors such as Minimum Revenue Guarantees (MRGs) – see my previous post for much more detail on this – the headline trend is growth. However, headline growth is not necessarily a reflection of how most of the market is actually performing. In fact, a forensic examination of these numbers cross referenced against reported Apple Music and Spotify numbers reveals that the outlook for the rest of the pack is very different indeed.

Source: musicindustryblog.wordpress.com

Ari’s Take: How To Legally Release Cover Videos On YouTube

We Are The Hits boast that they cover 95% of all hits.

So now, if you want to upload a cover song to YouTube and not worry that it may get flagged by YouTube and ripped down, you can just signup for an account with We Are The Hits, search their database to see if the song is available, upload your video to We Are The Hits and they will post it to your YouTube channel and monetize it. Best part is, both you and the publisher get paid for the ad revenue it generates. After YouTube’s 45% cut, WATH keeps 60% (to pay the publishers/songwriters) and you keep 40%.

Source: aristake.com

Comment Facebook offre à l’Afrique un internet limité | EtoudiBlog

Mais la visite avait aussi pour but de vérifier le bon fonctionnement de Free Basics. Un service d’internet gratuit lancé par Facebook depuis 2014 dans quarante pays, dont une vingtaine sur le continent africain. Le service ne fait pas l’unanimité.

Sur le papier, Free Basics est une aubaine. Des millions de personnes se voient offrir Internet par la firme californienne. Mais il faut d’abord être abonné à des opérateurs mobiles particuliers. Au Kenya, par exemple, seuls les clients d’Airtel ont accès à Free Basics. Depuis son incubateur d’entreprises du numérique à Nairobi, Erik Hersman a testé le service. « Free Basics est une sorte de page web. Un certain nombre de sites sont disponibles gratuitement via cette application. Evidemment, on peut surfer sur Facebook. D’ailleurs, il faut se connecter à son compte avant de pouvoir surfer sur Internet. Le problème, c’est qu’il ne donne accès qu’à une infime partie des sites web. Ce n’est qu’un service de base. Ce n’est pas le bon modèle. »

Source: www.etoudiblog.com

We Are – Africa Centre

The Africa Centre is both a physical entity and an ongoing philosophical journey that explores how Pan-African cultural practice can be a catalyst for social change. The Africa Centre was established in 2005 as an international centre for creativity, artistic excellence and intellectual engagement. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the Africa Centre’s social innovations extend across the African continent.

Source: www.africacentre.net

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