Artist Revenue Streams

If you are a musician or composer, you probably have a basic sense of the ways you can make money. Some revenue streams are simple to understand, like playing shows, or selling CDs or t-shirts. But there are many, many more ways that musicians can earn money from their compositions, performances, sound recordings, brand, or knowledge of the craft. We list 42 45 of them below.


Kantar TNS publie les résultats de l’étude Africascope 2017

Quelles sont les parts d’audience de chaque station / chaîne de télévision ? Quelle place occupe la sphère digitale dans la consommation médias ? Où se connecte-t-on à Internet ? Quelles recherches y sont faites ? Africascope se positionne comme l’étude de référence pour connaître le paysage médiatique de l’Afrique (au niveau local, national et régional) et comprendre la consommation et les comportements adoptés, au global et par média.


Médias : Label Radio TV sur les ondes –

Fruit d’un projet muri depuis plus de 30 ans par l’ancien directeur de TV5 Afrique, Label Radio Tv se veut être le porte-voix de l’Afrique. Selon son promoteur, le nouveau média entend se positionner comme la vitrine de l’Afrique émergente.


 son positionnement «panafricain rappelle aux africains l’urgence qu’il y a pour l’Afrique, de dire son propre récit, traduire sa propre pensée et sa trajectoire de développement», 


A Mini Finance Guide for Indie Musicians 

Italian composer Claudio Monteverdi once said, “Music is spiritual. The music business is not.” Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or just starting out, there’s bound to be many bumps in the roads in terms of funding for your career as a musician and ultimately be able to make a living out of it. Hopefully this mini guide can spark new or more ideas to improve the financial facets of being an indie musician.


AfriMusic Song Contest

AfriMusic Song Contest, the first and biggest music competition platform celebrating and recognizing talented songwriters and musicians from across the African Continent.
Our vision is to build a platform for songwriters and artists in Africa, by rewarding the best song!


7 Essential Clauses In An Artist Management Deal 

One of the most important relationships in music is between the artist and his or her manager.

The manager’s specific role will depend on the manager and band, but generally the manager advises and directs the artist in connection with all matters relating to the artist’s professional career in the entertainment industry.

That’s pretty broad. As such, it’s important that the artist and manager are on the same page about the manager’s role, and also about their collective goals, and expectations of each other.


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