YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki tells artists: Article 13 poses ‘a threat to your livelihood’

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has warned content creators that the “unintended consequences” of Article 13 “poses a threat” to their livelihoods.

Wojcicki’s warning about the EU Copyright Directive vote was shared in a wide-ranging letter with YouTube creators detailing her current priorities as well as progress made over the past few months.

The European Parliament voted on the EU Copyright Directive in Strasbourg on September 12, passing Article 13 into law.

The legislation could see user generated content-reliant platforms like YouTube held legally accountable for all copyright-infringing material appearing on their platforms.

YouTube’s latest show of disdain for the legislation comes after the platform’s Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl said that the ability for creators and artists to find fans and build a business online is now “at risk” thanks to Article 13


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