Don’t Panic: Experienced Arts Immigration Lawyer Weighs in on the Current State of US Visas for Musicians

.USA – Visa toujours. Explicatif complémentaire .

There was a lot of concern this March around SXSW, with reports of musicians being detained or sent back to their home countries because they were coming to the US to play without a visa. What do musicians from Europe, say, need to consider if they are weighing whether they need a visa or not?

For people doing something work-related, but who believe they don’t need an employment-based visa, we’re provisionally recommending people consider applying for a B1 or B2 visa rather than trust ESTA. I’d rather encounter a problem with a B1 denial at the embassy a month before I travel, than an ESTA denial at the airport when I try to catch my flight to the US. Your chances of avoiding a problem entering the US with your guitars and amp are greater if you have successfully get the B1 visa, compared with just showing up with ESTA.


(suite en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessus . Dans l’article aussi spécificités pour les non européens).


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